$70,000 In Donations To Snocross Mobile Medical Team

Snocross is an incredible sport, in which outstanding athletes are occasionally injured. When that happens, the Snocross Mobile Medical Team is there with world-class trackside medical care for the athletes and their crews. Each national race, there’s a team comprised of a board-certified ER doctor, certified athletic trainer, an EMT/Paramedic and a trauma nurse. They serve out of a mobile medical trailer which is basically an ER unit on wheels with the capacity to do most of what happens in a traditional ER at no cost to the athletes or their crew. This ensures the quickest and highest level of care for these participants. With this year’s donation of $10,000, the HHMF has now donated a total of $30,000 to the Snocross Mobile Medical Team. For more information on the Snocross Mobile Medical Team, please visit