$10,000 In Donations to Minnesota Cycling Association

Mountain bike riding and racing is a high school and middle-school sport in Minnesota. The Minnesota Cycling Association is the organization that made that possible. The association and its affiliate teams provide day camps, after school programs, coaches training, and a school-based racing series. Started with 151 student-athletes with just under 50 coaches when founded in 2012, Last year, 2,600 student-athletes, nearly 1,300 coaches, comprising more than 65 teams representing more than 130 cities. Their mission is to get kids on bikes. They are inclusive – no bench warmers and no try outs. And a big part of that is making sure people from any socioeconomic background can participate. Our $5,000 donation goes to the league’s scholarship fund and loaner bike pool that covers all the league fees, race fees and provides equipment to under-served youth.